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Freedom of Choice

Our bodies are our own. Just like we can decide what job we apply for, what college we want to join, we should be able to decide what we do with our bodies. If the situation warrants an amputation to put an end to your chronic pain, who has the right to deny you that? 

Higher Subsidies for Bionics Research

We believe that the human body has been a strong foundation that got us to where we are now. However, to improve our prosthetics we need to have higher subsidies for bionics research so that we can create more life-like limbs and organs and give everyone the chance to live their life to the fullest, and possibly even more comfortably than with a biological limb. 

Reduce Medical Insurance Costs

Currently the US, Luxembourg, and Switzerland rank highest in medical bills and it is only rising further. Pharmacies have monopolies on drugs, insurers always go for the cheapest option whether or not this benefits the patient, and the governments around the world don't have this issue on any of their agendas. To give every amputee on this planet a fair chance to have a prosthetic, we need to create more comfortable payment plans, reduce production costs, and make insurers look at the patient's unique circumstances thereby avoiding a generalized solution.

Increase Awareness about Prosthetics

People that have recently lost a limb, for example soldiers, are often written and spoken about but quickly forgotten. It's the phase that happens after the amputation and the initial grief that the world needs to learn about. The financial troubles that come with a prosthetic, the pain, the suppression of that pain with drugs, and the constant feeling of being 'looked at' are common issues. We aim to bring this to light around the world, and that these people need our help and care. No longer need they be seen as outcasts, but as a part of society.